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ABR provides manufacturers with intelligent carbon capture and utilisation technology

At the heart of every problem lies an opportunity. Identifying carbon emissions from manufacturing as a problem has led to a race to create carbon minimisation and offset solutions. But what if the problem was the solution? What if the carbon could be captured and then turned into high-value materials? ABR technology provides emitting businesses with the ability to turn waste streams into either a new input material or an additional revenue stream. Welcome to the opportunity of ABR C2G® – CO2 to Graphene.


An Australian innovation leading the way globally

ABR C2G® technology is being developed in partnership with RMIT University, ranked third globally for its environmental, social, and economic impact. The breakthrough science behind C2G® has been published in the highly regarded Energy and Environmental Science, a leading peer-reviewed journal.

Discover how C2G® can impact your industry

Our highly scalable C02 upcycling technology is deployed as a containerised solution ready to be plugged into the exit gas stream of existing manufacturing plants. This makes ABR C2G® adaptable to many industries, allowing organisations to reduce emissions whilst capturing the value of what was previously a waste product. The next opportunity is inline utilisation of the resulting high grade graphene, or trading it to others on the open market. Minimal interruption, maximum benefit.

“It’s the extraordinary rate of breaking down carbon dioxide that makes our carbon utilisation technology highly efficient.”

Associate Professor, Dr Ken Chiang 

Our story is just beginning. Join us.

Research breakthroughs, commercial updates, and an exploration of carbon capture utilisation and graphene opportunities. Published sparingly.

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