Solutions for major emitters

Add a genuine competitive advantage

Both government and market forces are driving change in industry. It’s no longer sufficient to react defensively – the leading businesses of tomorrow will seek to gain advantage through early adoption of new technologies and strategies to position themselves apart from the competition. If your organisation wants to lead rather than follow, ABR stands ready to assist.

Our solutions focus on the following industries

Cement Manufacturing

ABR was born in response to the pressing need for cement manufacturers to continue meeting global demand, whilst at the same time becoming compliant with current and future emissions expectations. Our C2G® technology captures emissions and converts these into an input material. Take a deeper look at our cement focus here.

Steel Manufacturing

The energy intensive nature of steel processing comes with significant carbon emissions. In order to meet growing demand whilst lowering their carbon footprint, steel manufacturers need to think beyond renewable energy sources and embrace carbon capture and utilisation. This provides the added benefit of an input material with significant anti-corrosion potential.

Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Textile Manufacturing

ABR C2G® technology can transform the carbon emissions from chemical, pharmaceutical and textiles manufacturing into graphene, whilst simultaneously reducing carbon footprints. Our modular technology can be integrated inline in most manufacturing environments, connecting to exit gas streams.

Mining Exploration

The significant carbon emissions from plant and equipment operations and the extraction processes provide opportunities for organisations in the industry to differentiate themselves through environmentally-friendly operations – making ABR C2G® technology an ideal proposition.

Your industry, our technology

ABR invites collaboration with industry partners looking to integrate our proprietary C2G technology into existing operations.