Captivated by a vision

Environmental technology that makes economic sense

At ABR, we believe the leading businesses of tomorrow will be those who can integrate environmental and economic outcomes. By working to protect and improve the natural environment, businesses will reap economic rewards – whether by increasing market share, commercialising waste, or capitalising on opportunities to innovate for a brighter tomorrow.

We’re leading by example, and taking others with us on the journey.

Our company

ABR Global is a world-leading Australian environmental technology company, at the forefront of carbon capture and utilisation. We’re focused on developing and commercialising technologies to decarbonise industry, specifically by turning waste streams into innovative materials. Our Intellectual Property portfolio includes carbon capture and utilisation (CCU), waste recycling, and material innovation. Our current flagship products are our CO2 to graphene (C2G®) technology, and the resulting Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM®) designed to enhance the mechanical properties of cement and concrete.

ABR Leadership

ABR Global consists of senior leaders with deep domain expertise, working alongside academic partners and support staff. At our heart, we are innovators – people with a vision for a better world, committed to dreaming of what is possible and taking action towards making it reality. We bring together those who research, those who build, those who dream, and those who make things happen. 



John is a cement industry veteran, materials innovator, and serial entrepreneur. Over the last two decades, he has worked alongside Australian research teams to develop various specialist cementitious products, and commercialised these for supply to trade, government, and retail buyers. John is passionate about utilising new technology to decarbonise the cement industry and turning waste into construction aggregates and products, creating an Australian blueprint for global replication.



Brian is an experienced senior manager with deep operations management, logistics management, and distribution operations expertise. He has worked across various sectors including construction and food services, now focusing on the commercialisation of ABR technologies and managing day-to-day operations. Brian is passionate about seeing Australian businesses lead the way in addressing global challenges.



David is a seasoned professional with 26 years of expertise in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, specialising in the manufacturing industry. With a strong focus on research and development, patent creation, robotics, systems integration, and factory automation, he has led numerous technical teams in the design, fabrication, and programming of projects across various manufacturing sectors.



Gary is an accountant with 40 years’ of public practice experience, Managing Partner of DFK Nugents, a tax and business advisory firm in Southbank, Director of DFK ANZ, an association of 14 firms across Australia and New Zealand, and Deputy Chair of Fight MND, a charity focused on finding a cure for MND.

RMIT Research Partnership

The core of ABR Global is our unique intellectual property. This has been developed through deep collaboration with, and support for, leading researchers at RMIT.

Australian innovation at its finest

We are proud to be working with RMIT, a world-leading research institution and the globally third ranked university for environmental, social, and economic impact.

Dr Torben


Professor Torben Daeneke is one of the inventors of C2G. He brings his extensive experience in inorganic chemistry, materials for energy applications, and liquid metal chemistry to this project. Daeneke currently leads a group of twenty researchers who investigate various aspects of liquid metal chemistry, catalysis and chemical processing. Daeneke has established an international network of collaborators that span across universities, national laboratories, and industry partners in Australia, Germany, France, USA, and Japan.


Associate Professor

Associate Professor Ken Chiang is a co-inventor of the C2G technology He has a background in Chemical Engineering and has over 20 years of experience in gas processing technologies and heterogeneous catalysis.

Dr Karma


Dr Karma Zuraiqi is a co-inventor of the C2G technology and is a critical part of the research team bringing to life the breakthrough technology behind C2G. She is a chemical engineer by training and her research focuses on liquid metal catalysis, energy, and carbon dioxide conversion technologies.

External Consultants

ABR has an extensive global network spanning a wide range of industries, from construction and water treatment to plastics, agrochemicals, aquaculture, food additives, oil and gas, steel, aluminium, refractories, and ceramics. Our reach is made possible through the expertise of internal and external consultant teams who possess a wealth of experience in industries emitting carbon (CO2). This includes captains of the cement production industry as well as local and international advisory teams.


We are pleased to have the support of several strategic investors who share our long term vision. However we always welcome conversations with interested parties via

Greener meets stronger

ABR Cement, as a division of ABR Global Pty Ltd, is working to deliver major change to one of the highest emitting industries on the planet: cement manufacturing. Our vision is to deliver the Advanced Materials Manufacturing Plant of the Future, a low emission plant utilising C2G® technology and innovative aggregates derived from waste glass and plastic.  

Our Partners